Professional Tree Surgeons Serving Surrey and Hampshire

No job is too big or too small for our experienced tree surgeons. Based in Bagshot, our workers are experienced in managing a wide range of tree services for domestic and commercial clients throughout Surrey and Hampshire, including the Farnborough, Frimley, Camberley, and local Lightwater areas. Whether you require hedge cutting and pruning as part of ongoing garden maintenance, or felling and stump grinding to take care of deteriorated trees, we’re happy to help.

Tree removals in surrey

Tree Removals

Tree Felling

Our tree specialists here at P.A. Searle, Farnborough, will assess the size of the grounds at your property to safely remove entire trees. Our local tree surgeons will take specialist care when sectional tree felling is required when a tree cannot be felled due to the location being a restricted space. This involves removing trees in separate parts using chainsaws and safety equipment. Another process is directional tree felling, which is when a chainsaw is used to cut down the tree in one motion. This depends on the amount of room to accommodate the falling distance on your grounds.

Crown Reductions

Crown reductions are not only required to maintain the impressive appearance of a tree, but it is also used to reduce the amount of stress on individual branches. At P.A Searle, we have a wealth of experience when it comes to delivering high-quality crown reduction services.

Tree surgery on an oak tree

Crown Thinning

Tree surgery specialists will cut away smaller branches from the crown of broad-leafed trees to thin out their dense growth. Like hedge cutting, trees will be thinned while keeping its shape and size. We take away up to 30% of the foliage, mainly to alleviate weight and wind resistance.

Crown Lifting

Crown lifting is a tree pruning method used to improve the tree's health and enhance light penetration. It involves selectively removing lower branches to raise the canopy within 15% of its total height, reducing potential damage to the trunk and encouraging better light filtration.

Stump Grinding

Our tree surgeons use modern stump grinding machinery to completely remove remaining growths which often creates obstacles for landscaping lawns.

Deadwood Removal

When we’re finished working, we remove and dispose of any remaining deadwood in a safe and ethic manner, excepting any wood being used as a natural habitat, which isn’t a health threat.

Tree Preservation Order (TPO)

If your woodland is grown on a heritage site, our tree surgeons will need to consult with the local Surrey or Hampshire authorities. County planning departments should be informed for authorisation and to ensure trees are protected when tree work is carried out.

If you have a TPO we are happy to advise and help you apply for permission for the work that you want to do.

Hedge Cutting and Pruning

Garden Maintenance

Hedge Cutting and Pruning

Tree surgeons will use formative pruning and hedge cutting to help establish the plant and limit structural or biomechanical weaknesses. Regular maintenance will provide a neat and attractive appearance too.

Tree and Hedge Shaping

Hedge cutting is an important process when shaping foliage and crafting visually appealing shrubbery. Our tree surgeons provide this service for your domestic or public gardens in Surrey and Hampshire.

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